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Making A Claim

Commercial Insurance



Our well established competitive package product for catering outlets such as Restaurants, Fish & Chip Shops, Takeaways, Café’s and Sandwich Bars



A comprehensive Insurance policy for clubs and associations where there is a membership such as Social & Sports clubs, Political & Working Men’s Clubs – Village Halls & Community Centres



Comprehensive Insurance solutions for businesses including but not limited to: Property Owners (including student & unoccupied), Retail, Office/Surgery, Liability, Directors & Officers Liability, Professional Indemnity, Tradesman’s Policies, Sports Risks (teams or individuals), Exhibitions & Event Insurance

Taste Claims

As soon as a claim or potential claim is discovered we will require a completed claim form:

Click links below to download the relevant forms:

NB – Chinese versions are also available on request

All claim forms and supporting documentation should be sent to:

William Beard House
44 Botley Road
Park Gate
SO31 1BB

Fax:  01489 570150

We have no delegated authority for claims assessment / settlement but will assist by forwarding to Insurers. If you require immediate advice please call 01489 558862.

For certain claims a Loss Adjuster may be appointed.

For Glass claims

Please supply two estimates from your preferred Glaziers for Insurers approval or alternatively you may contact the Insurers authorised repairer UK Glassforce on Tel 0844 357 1601 Contact – Gerard Byrne. They will then deal with the repairs and liaise with Insurers directly regarding payment. You will only need to pay the excess amount (plus any other amount they are not covered for – i.e. if under-insured/any betterment).

For Material Damage Claims

As well as completing claim form Insured will need to obtain at least 2 estimates for any repairs/replacement of any stolen items. Repairs should not proceed without authorisation from Insurers – except any work which is necessary to prevent further damage or injury/minimize loss or to secure premises. Insurers will advise any further information they require upon receipt of claim form/estimates.

For Liability Claims

Insured should complete claim form with full details of the incident and forward together with any correspondence they have received from Claimant/Claimant’s Solicitor.

All claim forms and supporting documentation should be sent to Higos Underwriting Services: William Beard House, 44 Botley Road, Park Gate, Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 1BB

Or Fax to: 01489 570150 or email to: hus.claims@higos.com